The Osaka Monorail (大阪モノレール, Ōsaka Monorēru) is a monorail system in northern Osaka Prefecture, Japan, operated by Osaka Monorail Co., Ltd. (大阪モノレール株式会社, Ōsaka Monorēru kabushiki gaisha). At 28 kilometres (17 mi) long, it is the second longest monorail system in the world after the Chongqing Monorail and the longest monorail system in Japan. It links the three campuses of Osaka University.

IC cards can be used on the Osaka Monorail, including Suica, Pasmo, PiTaPa and ICOCA.

Photographies by:
PetrSPK - Public domain
Louis Lo heyhayfoto - CC0
Kitayama - CC BY-SA 4.0
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