Stary Cmentarz Żydowski we Wrocławiu

( Old Jewish Cemetery, Wrocław )

The Old Jewish Cemetery (Polish: Stary Cmentarz Żydowski we Wrocławiu) is a historic necropolis-museum situated on 37/39 Ślężna Street, in the southern part of Wrocław (formerly Breslau), Poland. Opened in 1856, the cemetery's eclectic layout features many architectural forms and styles on a monumental scale.

The current shape of the cemetery evolved mostly throughout the 19th century, during the times of the German Empire. The first burial took place in what was then the village of Gabitz (Gajowice), just outside city limits. The cemetery area was then expanded twice. In 1943, the burial ceremonies were abandoned and the necropolis was leased for five years to a gardening center. During World War II, the cemetery became a fierce battleground, the marks of which are still visible on many tombstones. It was inscribed into the register of city monuments in 1975.

Photographies by:
Barbara Maliszewska - CC BY-SA 3.0 pl
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