Hammam Saffarin

حمام الصفارين

( Hammam Saffarin )

The Hammam as-Saffarin (or Saffarin Hammam, Hammam Seffarine, etc.) is a historic hammam (bathhouse) in the medina (old city) of Fes, Morocco. It is located on the southwest side of Place Seffarine, across from the Madrasa Saffarin and south of the Qarawiyyin Mosque.

The hammam dates back to the 14th century during the Marinid period.[1] It was probably originally intended to cater to the local coppersmiths who worked in the boutiques and workshops around Place Seffarine.[2] It is one of many hammams which have survived in the city, thanks in part to the continued popularity of the hammam in Moroccan culture over the centuries and to the present day.[2]

Local inhabitants associate this hammam with the tombs of two Sufi Muslim saints, Sidi Tallouk and Sidi Ahmad Skalli, although no physical tombs are visible and the exact relation between the hammam and the saints is not clearly established. Nonetheless, the baraka (blessings) of the saints are often believed to contribute to the purification that can be achieved at the hammam.[3] This popular or mystical association with certain Muslim saints characterizes many hammams in Fez.[4]: 250 

The hammam has generally preserved its traditional layout. It was recently underwent restoration under the supervision of architect Rachid Halaoui, as part of an Austrian-led project to restore various historic hammams across the Mediterranean region.[5][6][7]

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