Tal Barahi Temple

Tal Barahi temple (Nepali: तालबाराही मन्दिर) also known as ‘Lake Temple’ or ‘Barahi Temple’ is a Hindu temple of the goddess Barahi. It is the most important religious monument in Pokhara, Nepal. This temple is located on a small island in the middle of Phewa Lake. As the temple is situated on a small island, the only way to visit it is by boat. The temple is a symbol of the manifestation of Ajima representing the female force. Devotees visit the temple in the Nepalese months of Baisakh (April-May) and Kartik (November-December).

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There are many stories based on the establishment of the temple. One of them is described below:

The temple was above the lake before King Kulmandhan Shah (The first Shah king of Kaski) according to the dream he had seen. The great devotee of Goddess Durga, King Kulmandhan Shah constructed the temple in the middle island of Lake Phewa.

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