Sunway Lagoon is an amusement park located in Sunway City, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. It is owned by the Sunway Group.

The park began operating in 1992[1] and was officiated by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir bin Mohamad, on 29 April 1993.[2]

Since opening, the theme park has added Malaysia’s first surf simulator, the FlowRider in 2010;[3] Malaysia’s first Waterplexx 5D in 2012,[4] and Vuvuzela, a water slide, in 2013.[5]

Timeline Year Event 1992 Opened to public[1] with two park attractions, the Water Park and Dry Park.[6]29 April 1993 Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad officiated the opening of Sunway Lagoon.[7]1994 The attraction World of Adventure opened at Sunway Lagoon. 1995 Opening of Wild Wild West as part of Sunway Lagoon's Amusement Park. 1997 Man-made Surf Beach launched. 2001 Sunway Lagoon introduced Waters of Africa as part of its Water Park to the public. 2006 The Extreme Park opened.[8]2007 The scheduled opening of the park zoo, Wildlife Interactive Zoo.[9]2008 Scream Park was added as the new park addition, in collaboration with the Lynton V. Harris. There are 4 scare experiences: the theatre experience, Prison Break, the Rumah Hantu 3D and the Terror tunnel.[10]2010 Launch of Sunway Lagoon's attraction, FlowRider, Malaysia’s first surf simulator.[3]2012 The grand opening of the first Waterplexx 5D in Malaysia.[4]2013 Sunway Lagoon introduced its water ride, Vuvuzela.[5] In October, Sunway Lagoon debuted the Halloween theme festival, Nights of Fright.[11]2015 A pair of white lions, Zola and Zuri were added to the Wildlife Park.[12]2016 In collaboration with formerly Viacom International Media Networks, Sunway announced the opening of Asia’s first Nickelodeon-themed attraction at Sunway Lagoon, Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon.[13] In partnership with Lynton V. Harris, Sunway Lagoon announced the addition of "The Ghostbusters Adventure Live!" to its Scream Park.[14] Sunway Lagoon unveiled the addition of White Tigers to its wildlife family.[15]
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