अहिंसा की मूर्ति

( Statue of Ahimsa )

The Statue of Ahimsa is located at Mangi-Tungi, in Nashik, in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the tallest Jain statue in the world as per Guinness World Records. The statue depicts the first Jain Tirthankara, Rishabhanatha. The statue is 108 feet (33 m) tall – 121 feet (37 m) including pedestal. The statue has been carved out of the Mangi-Tungi hills, which are considered to be sacred by the Jains.

The statue was built by the inspiration of the Jain nun (Aryika) Gyanmati, and under the guidance of Aryika Chandanamati. The project was chaired and directed by Raveendra Kirti. The construction of the statue started in 2002 under the guidance of Chief Secretary Pannalalji Papdiwal and Chief engineer C. R. Patil working president Anil Jain-Delhi. It was completed on 24 January 2016 (Tithi-Magh Krishna Ekam). The statue was sculpted by Moolchand Ramchand Nahata Firm.

The inspiration of the idol was given by the Jain nun Gyanmati in 1996.[1] Shilapujan (foundation stone laying ceremony) was done in 2002.[1] More than 10,000 truck load of rock material was carved out for the purpose.[1]

The Mangi Tungi hills are one of the four siddha kshetras for the Jain community in Maharashtra.[2] The hills are an important pilgrimage for the Jains, especially the local population of Marathi Jains and Gujarati Jains.[3] There are several Jain temples at the pinnacles and at the base of the hills.[4]

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