Li Galli

( Sirenuse )

The Sirenusas (Italian: Le Sirenuse), also known as the Gallos (Li Galli, "the Cocks"), are an archipelago of little islands off the Amalfi Coast of Italy between Isle of Capri and 6 km (4 mi) southwest of Province of Salerno's Positano, to which it is administratively attached. They are part of the Campanian Archipelago. The name, Sirenuse, is a reference to the mythological sirens said to have lived there.

Originally the site of an ancient Roman anchorage, in the Middle Ages the islands became medieval fiefdoms of the 13th-century Emperor Frederick II and the Capetian House of Anjou.

Gallo Lungo Isca

The Neapolitan playwright Eduardo De Filippo purchased this island, which was later owned by his son Luca De Filippo.

Isca has a villa and garden on the side facing the cliff (and, thus, not visible if sailing behind the island). The island was described by the playwright’s wife, Isabella, in a book entitled, In mezzo al mare un'isola c'è... ("There is an island in the sea…").

The property has been on and off the market for years, most recently a public listing of the three islands in 2011 was for US$268,000,000.[1]

^ Rob Bear, A Pricey Amalfi Archipelago and Some Cheaper Alternatives Archived 2011-02-26 at the Wayback Machine, Curbed, February 23, 2011, accessed September 6, 2013.
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