रंग घर

( Rang Ghar )

The Rang Ghar (Assamese: [ɹɔŋɡʱɔɹ]), (rong ghor meaning "House of Entertainment") is a two-storeyed building which once served as the royal sports-pavilion where Ahom kings and nobles were spectators at games like buffalo fights and other sports at Rupahi Pathar (pathar meaning "field" in Assamese) - particularly during the Rongali Bihu festival in the Ahom capital of Rangpur.

It is three kilometres (1.9 mi) away from the center of Sivasagar Town. Situated by the side of the Assam Trunk Road, it lies to the northeast of the Rangpur Palace, a almost five-storied royal complex comprising the Talatal Ghar and the Kareng Ghar.

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