Ranakpur is a village located in Desuri tehsil near Sadri town in the Pali district of Rajasthan in western India. It is located between Jodhpur and Udaipur, 162 km from Jodhpur and 91 km from Udaipur, in a valley on the western side of the Aravalli Range. The nearest railway station to reach Ranakpur is Falna and Rani railway station. Ranakpur is easily accessed by road from Udaipur, Pali district in Rajasthan. Ranakpur is one of the most famous places to visit in Pali, Rajasthan and is widely known for its marble Jain temple, said to be the most spectacular of the Jain temples.

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Nagarjun Kandukuru - CC BY 2.0
Nagarjun Kandukuru - CC BY 2.0
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