Ponnani Lighthouse is situated in Ponnani, Malappuram district, Kerala on the south bank of the Bharathappuzha river. It was commissioned on 17 April 1983. The tower has a circular cross-section and a height of 30 meters. The light source is a metal halide lamp. The lighthouse has direct drive facility. The Ponnani port is located on the estuary of River Bharathappuzha (the longest river of Kerala) and Tirur River.

A flag staff used to assist the craft to negotiate the entrance to the port prior to a steel mast with an oil wick being hoisted in 1937. In 1948 a steel trestle was with a gas flasher was installed. After the present tower was constructed in 1983, the light source was replaced on 23 July 1995.

Photographies by:
KV Gopalakrishnan - CC BY-SA 2.0
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