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The Masia Freixa is a modernisme building located in Parc de Sant Jordi in Terrassa (Catalonia, Spain).

The Masia Freixa is a modernisme building located in Parc de Sant Jordi in Terrassa (Catalonia, Spain).

Designed in 1896 to be a textile factory, the actual form of the building was planned in 1907 when Catalan industrialist Josep Freixa decided to transform his factory into a family residence and entrusted the work to the architect Lluís Muncunill.

The building has a rectangular floorplan covered by a structure of arches and vaults inspired by Antoni Gaudí, white walls and a tall tower. The shiny grey aspect of the original roof is a result of small pieces of glass being added to the mortar. The porch has a white ceramic handrail. On the eastern side, next to the main section of the building, there is a rotunda with two floors. The interior was designed by Joaquim Vancells [es] and the furnishings in the dining room and the office still remain. The garden, which was designed by the period artist Rafael Benet i Vancells, has a Romantic influence. This is one of the most representative gardens in Terrassa from the beginning of the 20th century.[1]

The Freixa country house was the headquarters of the Terrassa Musical Conservatoire for many years. Since 2006, it has housed the Municipal Tourism Service and the local Ombudsman.[2]

On 2018 there was a proposal by chef Carles Tejedor and architects Jon Tugores & Marc Armengol to reconvert it in a gastronomic space, under a petition by the local town council.[3][4]

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