Montgròs (el Bruc)

The Montgròs is a Montserrat mountain whose peak reaches an altitude of 1,133 meters above sea level. It is a large dome-shaped rock that, despite not being one of the highest mountains in the Serra de Montserrat, is, due to its central position with respect to the massif, one of the certainly privileged vantage points it has: towards to the west you can see a magnificent panorama over the entire Region of Agulles and the Enchanted Friars, towards the south, over the municipality of El Bruc to which this mountain belongs, and towards the east over the Canal del Migdía, Sant Jeroni and the regions further away from Thebes and the Thebaid. The aspect of Montgròs from the south side, that of Bruc, with the Plecs del Llibre in the foreground, is truly spectacular.

This peak is included in the list of the 100 peaks of the FEEC.

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