The Landgericht Berlin is a regional court in Berlin, divided into two divisions for civil and criminal cases. In the German court hierarchy, it is above the eleven local courts (Amtsgerichte) of the city and below the Kammergericht, which is the highest regional court of Berlin. The Landgericht Berlin is the largest Landgericht in Germany, with about 900 employees.

Following the 1920 Greater Berlin Act, Berlin had three Landgerichte, known as Landgericht Berlin I, II and III for the central, southern and northern districts of the city. These courts became one single Landgericht, the Landgericht Berlin, in July 1933 by decision by the acting Prussian Justice Minister Hanns Kerrl.[1] He appointed Richard Hoffmann, until May 1933 a lawyer in Magdeburg, as first president of the Landgericht Berlin.[2]

During Berlin's division after World War II the Landgericht building in Berlin-Mitte also contained several city-related courts as well as the Supreme Court and the State Prosecutors Office of East Germany.[3]

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