Gümüşler Manastırı

( Gümüşler Monastery )

Eski Gümüşler ('Old Silver') Monastery is a Byzantine-era cave monastery in the small town of Gümüşler, 10km northeast of Niğde town in Niğde province, Turkey. It is easily accessible by bus from Niğde.

After its rediscovery in 1962, the monastery and its frescoes were restored by a team of archaeologists led by Michael Gough. It was declared a protected archaeological site in 1973.

The history of the settlement. The monastery and the underground settlement were built in the 10th century away from the major settlements; At that time it was called "Traicas".[1]

^ Tülay ÖCAL. "NİĞDE GÜMÜŞLER MANASTIRI VE TURİZM POTANSİYELİ" (in Turkish). Retrieved 2023-04-01.
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