Dzuluk or Zuluk or Jhuluk or Jaluk is a small hamlet located at a height of 9,400 feet (2,900 m) on the rugged terrain of the lower Himalayas in Rongli Subdivision of Pakyong District, which lies in the Indian state Sikkim (Pincode 737131). This place is relatively an emerging and offbeat destination in Sikkim. Today it is a tourist destination for the view of the eastern Himalayan mountain range including the Kanchenjunga.

 Kangchenjunga from Sikkim

Dzuluk was once a transit point to the trade route between Kalimpong and Tibet. The route was in use even a few decades ago until the 1959 Chinese crackdown in Tibet. It was commonly used by traders traveling to Tibet through Jelep La ("La" stands for mountain pass) as an overnight base. The route started from Kalimpong and passed through Pedong, Aritar, Dzuluk and Jelepla to Chumbi valley in Tibet.

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