The Cap d'Artrutx Lighthouse or Artrutx Lighthouse (Catalan: Far d'Artrutx) is an active 19th century lighthouse located on the low-lying headland of the same name on the Spanish island of Menorca. It was completed in 1859 but the tower was significantly increased in height in 1969. Automated in 1980, the keeper's accommodation is now used as a restaurant.

Detail of the tower

Designed by the architect Emili Pou who planned a number of lights in the Balearic Islands. It first became operational in July 1859, and was equipped with a 4th order Fresnel lens. The optics were supplied by Henry Lapute of Paris at a cost of 3,250 francs.[1]

The original tower was much shorter than that seen today, with a height of only 17 metres. Reverberations from waves entering a sea cave nearby caused problems within the lighthouse producing "tremors in the building and panes of glass in the lantern to shatter".[1] In 1967, a new maritime lighting plan for the Balearics was drawn up which outlined the need for a higher tower at Artrutx. When the new tower was constructed in 1969, the 34-metre-high (112 ft) cylindrical structure was built with four buttresses or ribs, giving the light a unique shape in comparison to others in the archipelago.[1]

With the automation of the lighthouse in 1980, the unused keeper's accommodation was later converted into a café and restaurant, providing food and drink to patrons who visit to watch the sunset on the terrace.[2] The lighthouse can be visited when the restaurant is open, but the tower is closed.[3]

In 2005 the lighthouse became a registered historical site when it was declared a Patrimonio histórico español.[4]

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