Buckskin Gulch

Buckskin Gulch

Buckskin Gulch (also known as Buckskin Creek, Buckskin Wash, and Kaibab Gulch) is a gulch and canyon located within southern Kane County, Utah, United States.

It is placed right near the Arizona border. Named as one of the main tributaries of the Paria River that is a minor tributary of the Colorado River and further on from the Colorado river basin at over 13 miles (21 km) long.

Buckskin Gulch is the longest and deepest slot canyon in the Southwestern United States.

Often visited in conjunction with the longer Paria Canyon, due to their close proximity of 20 miles (32 km), hiking both canyons in one day is possible. Wire Pass, a short tributary to Buckskin, and is a popular day-hiking alternative that takes hikers through the narrow, curving features which are the hallmarks of the slot canyons.

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Bureau of Land Management - Public domain
Jason J. Corneveaux - CC BY-SA 3.0
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