Кроноцкая Сопка

( Kronotsky )

Kronotsky (Russian: Кроноцкая сопка, Kronotskaya Sopka) is a major stratovolcano on Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. It is located in Kronotsky Nature Reserve to the east of Lake Kronotskoye. It has a particularly symmetrical conical shape, comparable to Mount Fuji in Japan and to Mayon Volcano in the Philippines. The summit crater is plugged by a volcanic neck, and the summit itself is ice-capped. It exhibits the classic radial drainage pattern, extending downward from its crater. Kronotsky is considered to be one of the most scenic volcanos in Kamchatka.

Fotografien von:
Игорь Шпиленок - CC BY-SA 3.0
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