Termes romanes de Sant Boi

The Sant Boi Roman Baths are a set of bathrooms equipped with a sophisticated heating system. In the public baths, apart from bathing, activities such as sports, beauty treatments, games or business took place. The Roman baths of Sant Boi were private and formed part of the domestic area of u200bu200ba Roman town.

These terms located in the current municipality of Sant Boi de Llobregat were formed by two parallel building bodies: One contained the cold rooms: the apodyterium or dressing room, the frigidarium or cold room and the cella piscinalis (cold water pool). The other housed the hot chambers: tepidarium or warm room, sudatorium or steam bath room and caldarium or hot bath room.

With the discovery of the baths, an amphora production center was also located above the frigidarium.

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