Shandur Pass(Urdu: شندور) is a pass located within the Ghizer District of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. It is often referred to as 'The Roof of the World.

The annual Shandur Polo Festival is an event that features polo matches between teams representing the Chitral District and Gilgit-Baltistan Province. These matches are held at the Shandur Polo Ground, located on Shandur Top. The festival typically spans three days, taking place from July 7 to July 9 each year. Approximately seven polo matches are played during this festival.

In 1936, the Political Agent of the region, Colonel Evelyn Hey Cobb (later Lieutenant Colonel) passed an order to Khwaja Mir Aman Shah Asaqal and Niat Qabool Hayat Kakakhel, Nambardar of Chitral to establish a huge polo ground in Shandur. Kakakhail soon implemented the orders of higher headquarters on the ground and with the help of his manpower, he established a polo ground at Shandur. The polo ground was later on named "Mas Junali", as in Khowar language ‘mas’ is word for ‘moon’ and ‘junali’ is word for ‘polo ground’. Cobb was very fond of playing polo in the moonlight.[1]Ali Sher Khan Anchan Maqpoun used to play polo at Shandoor when Chitral was briefly occupied by him.[2] The Princes and political agents of Chitral also enjoyed playing Polo in Shandur. Historically, polo being the king of games was played between small kingdoms, villages and rival groups of Chitral and Gilgit. From 1936 onwards polo tournaments were held annually at Shandur at the patronage of the British. The three-day Shandur Polo Festival has developed steadily in recent years into the massive celebration of mountain polo that it is today. Since 1982 the matches are being arranged by Chitral administration , levies, Chitral scout and police. GB teams participated as guests team .

British rulers impressed by the unprecedented constructional works of the people of Koh-e-Ghizer and offered Niat Qabool Hayat for a prize. Instead, he made it for a collective benefit and requested British representatives to fill local water streams with live stocks of Trouts. Soon after, a large amount of trout was provided to the streams of Koh-e-Chitral.

^ Polo is an equestrian sport with its origin embedded in Central Asia dating back to 6th century BC. At first it was a training game for cavalry units or other Elite troops. To the warlike tribesmen who played polo with as many as 100 players to a side, it was a miniature battle. It became a Persian national game in the 6th century AD. From Persia, the game spread to Arabia, then to Tibet, China and Japan. In China, in the year 910, death of a favourite relative in a game prompted Emperor Apaochi to order beheading of all players. ^ Shandoor, Polo Ground. "Shandoor World Highest Polo Ground". Archived from the original on 24 November 2016. Retrieved 23 November 2016.
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