Sayram-Ugam National Park

Sayram-Ugam National Park (Kazakh: Сайрам-Өгем ұлттық паркі, Sairam-Ögem ūlttyq parkı), also Sairam-Ugam, is a mountainous region of the Western Tian Shan Mountains, on the border with Uzbekistan. Ugam-Chatkal National Park of Uzbekistan is across the border, and Aksu-Zhabagly Nature Reserve of Kazakhstan is directly to the northeast along the border. The area has high levels of species diversity, covering floral communities from steppe to high altitude zones. It is particularly known for stands of juniper forests, and stands of fruit and nut trees. Sayram-Ugam is located in Kazygurt District, Tole Bi District and Tulkibas District of South Kazakhstan Region. The park boundary is 30 kilometres (19 mi) southeast of the regional city of Shymkent, and 50 km northeast of the Uzbekh capital of Tashkent.

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