Moola Chotok (Urdu: مُولہ چٹوک) is a hidden ravine located in the middle of the Khuzdar District in the southern province of Balochistan, Pakistan. It is situated approximately 105 kilometres (65 mi) north-east of Khuzdar at an elevation of 1,237 metres (4,058 ft). Surrounded by tall cliffs, the cascading waterfall, known as Chotok, is one of the biggest waterfalls of Sub Tehsil Moola.

Khuzdar was the capital of the Brahui kingdom of Makran.[1]

Ruins of Thore kheer, Hitachi, Harav, Kial Being and Pasta Khan reveal the belonging of Moola to the 2,000-year-old civilisation. Moola River, located in the mountains of Dist Khuzdar, is the largest river of the Khuzdar region that flows throughout the year. Moola Valley is a 1237 metre long bow-shaped region, 80 kilometres (50 mi) away from Khuzdar District. It is named after the Moola Village and River, which flows through the length of the valley. The valley is home to several mountain ranges, salt mines, lakes and waterfalls.

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