Maraú is a municipality in the state of Bahia in the North-East region of Brazil. . The municipality is located in a peninsula called "Península de Maraú", physiographic area called "Região Cacaueira" (cocoa region). The city is rich in minerals, especially oil shale gypsum and oil.

The town originally called "Mayrahú" was an Indian village called "Mayra". No one knows about the disappearance of the Indian tribe, nor to which branch it belonged. The area was discovered in 1705 by Italian Capuchin friars who named it "São Sebastião de Mayrahú" (St. Sebastian of Mayrahú). In 1938 it became a city. Maraú has beautiful beaches of rare beauty and clear water surrounds most of its villages. It also has dozens of islands, waterfalls, mangroves ... Its best-known villages are: Barra Grande, Saquaíra, Taipus de Fora and Algodões

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