Lysefjorden (Forsand)

( Lysefjord )

Lysefjord or Lysefjorden is a fjord located in the Ryfylke area in Rogaland county in southwestern Norway. The 42-kilometre (26 mi) long fjord lies in the municipalities of Strand and Sandnes, about 25 kilometres (16 mi) east of the city of Stavanger.

The name means light fjord, and is said to be derived from the lightly coloured granite rocks along its sides. It is particularly well known for the huge Preikestolen cliff overlooking the fjord, which is a major tourist destination for the region. The fairly isolated village of Lysebotn lies at the eastern end of the fjord and the villages of Forsand and Oanes both lie at the western end of the fjord near the Lysefjord Bridge, the only crossing of the fjord.

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