Folgefonna nasjonalpark

( Folgefonna National Park )

Folgefonna National Park (Norwegian: Folgefonna nasjonalpark) is a 545.2-square-kilometre (210.5 sq mi) national park in Vestland county, Norway. The park is located on the Folgefonna peninsula, and it spans the municipalities of Kvinnherad, Etne, and Ullensvang. The national park was opened by Queen Sonja on 14 May 2005.

Folgefonna is a collective term for three glaciers in the park (Nordre Folgefonna, Midtre Folgefonna, and Søndre Folgefonna). At 168 square kilometres (65 sq mi), Folgefonna is the third largest ice cap in Norway. It probably reaches a maximum thickness of 300 to 400 metres (980 to 1,310 ft). Its highest point is 1,662 metres (5,453 ft) above sea level, and this is believed to be one of the wettest places in Norway, receiving an estimated annual precipitation of around 5,500 millimetres (220 in).

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