Gruppo del Sassolungo

( Langkofel Group )

The Langkofel Group (Ladin: Saslonch, Italian: Gruppo del Sassolungo) is a massif in the (western) Dolomites of the Italian Alps. It separates Gröden (to the north) and the Fassa valley (to the south), as well as the Sella massif (to the east) and the Rosengarten (to the west). Northwest of the Langkofel is the Seiser Alm. The highest point in the range is the eponymous Langkofel with a height of 3,181 metres. Taken together, the summits of the Langkofel form an arc which is only open towards the northwest. Within this arc there is only one small mountain, the Langkofelkarspitze, so that the group surrounds a kind of "inner courtyard".

Photographies by:
David Kostner at de.wikipedia - CC BY-SA 2.0 de
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