Jungholz (German pronunciation: [ˈjʊŋhɔlt͡s] ) is a village in the district of Reutte in the Austrian state of Tyrol that is only accessible via Germany. The lack of a road connection to anywhere else in Austria led to Jungholz being included in the German customs area before Austria joined the EU in 1995. It also used the Deutsche Mark instead of the Austrian schilling as currency until 2002, when the euro took over. Letters to Jungholz can be addressed with either a German or an Austrian postal code.

On 24 June 1342, Hermann Häselin, a farmer from Wertach in Germany, sold the area to Heinz Lochpyler, an Austrian taxman from nearby Tannheim.[1] The buyer had the area incorporated with his other possession of Tyrol. In the Bavarian–Austrian border treaty of 1844 Jungholz went to Austria.[citation needed] Its customs union with Germany dates to a Treaty signed in 1868.[2]

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