Irgandı Köprüsü

( Irgandı Bridge )

Irgandı Bridge (Turkish: Irgandı Köprüsü) is an historical bridge in Bursa, Turkey. The bridge is over Gökdere, a tributary of Nilüfer River at 40°10′56″N 29°04′19″E. It is between Osmangazi (northwest) and Yıldırım (southeast), two second level municipalities of Greater Bursa

The bridge was commissioned by a wealthy merchant named Müslihiddin in 1442 during the reign of Murat II of the Ottoman Empire. Its architect was probably Architect Timurtaş.[1] During the 1855 Bursa earthquake the bridge was partially damaged. During the Turkish War of Independence Bursa was occupied by Greece. In 1922, the bridge was bombed by the retreating Greek army. It was closed to traffic. In 1949 the bridge was reconstructed by the municipality albeit with minor modifications. After 2004, following another restoration the bridge was opened to traffic.

^ Bursa Chamber of journalists page (in Turkish)
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