Gölyazı is a neighbourhood in the municipality and district of Nilüfer, Bursa Province in Turkey. Its population is 1,271 (2022). It lies on a small peninsula on Lake Uluabat. It was an independent municipality until it was merged into the municipality of Nilüfer in 2008.

Gölyazı was founded by the Ancient Greeks. but remains of the Roman period are abundant.

Every year the town holds the Stork Festival and until the 20th century, Greeks and Manavs lived together. In ancient times it was known as Apolloniatis The name Gölyazı means Fisherwoman. The place has been also known as Apolyond or Apollonias.

Possibly founded as a colony by Miletus, the antiquity of the city is supported by coins from as early as 450 BCE, which bear the anchor symbol of Apollo and which have been attributed by some scholars to this Apollonia. The city experienced prosperity under the Attalids during Hellenistic times.

The Roman Emperor Hadrian visited the city and in the Byzantine period, it belonged to the Diocese of Bithinya, then Nicomedia. During the Byzantine period, it was called Theotokia.[1]

In 1302 the Ottoman king Osman I took refuge in the castle after the Battle of Bapheus but retreated.

The city had a sizeable Greek population before 1922 and the Greco-Turkish War (1919–1922). Following the episodes of the war the retreat of the Greek army Greek families abandoned the place to Greece and reallocated in many different places .[2]

The name of the town was changed to Gölyazı during the Turkish Republic period (for more info see Place name changes in Turkey).[1]

^ a b Tomb structures in Gölyazı open to tourism ^ Refugee reallocation from Apolloniada (in Greek)
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