( Irati Forest )

The Irati Forest (French: Forêt d'Iraty; French pronunciation: [fɔʁɛ diʁati]; Spanish: Selva de Irati;Basque: Iratiko oihana), found in the western Pyrenees, covers 17,300 ha (43,000 acres) of the Navarre region, astride on the Soule (Larrau) and Basse-Navarre (Mendive and Lecumberry) provinces (France) and Navarre (Spain), framed by Mount Okabe (1,466 m) and Pic d'Orhy (2,017 m). It is the second largest and best preserved mixed beech-fir forest in Europe.

Photographies by:
Srg1989 - CC BY-SA 4.0
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