Globetrotter, a huge store selling simply everything connected to traveling (clothing, backpacks, hiking & climbing gear, books, tents, sleeping backs...) They offer all the huge brands, but also have a more affordable home brand. Three floors and a swimming pool where you can try out canoes, a wind room and an ice room. Restaurant and toilets.

Globetrotter or globe trotter may refer to:

  • Globe-Trotter, a luggage manufacturer
  • Globetrotter 2, a geography education game
  • A member of the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team
  • Poullin JP.20 Globe Trotter, a French aircraft of the early 1950s
  • Le globe-trotter, a 1956 work for piano and later orchestra by Darius Milhaud
  • Globe Trotter, a 1989 album by British composer Albert Alan Owen
  • "Globe Trotter", a song by American saxophonist Johnny Hodges on his 1955 album Castle Rock
  • "Globe Trotter", a track on the 1991 compilation album Images – The Best of Jean Michel Jarre
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threedots (Daniel Ullrich) - CC BY-SA 2.0
Hauke Musicaloris - CC BY 2.0
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