( Chitradurga )

Chitradurga is a city and the headquarters of Chitradurga district, which is located on the valley of the Vedavati river in the central part of the Indian state of Karnataka. Chitradurga is a place with historical significance which is located to the North West about 200 km from the state capital Bengaluru. Chitradurga is a major tourist hub in Karnataka.

The city is famous for its 15th-century fort, which is locally known as Kallina Kote or Stone Fortress. This is formed of two Kannada words: ‘Kallina’ means "Stone's" and Kote means "Fort". Other names used in Kannada are ‘Ukkina Kote": "Steel Fort" (metaphorically used to mean an impregnable fort) and ‘Yelusuttina Kote’: "Seven Circles Fort".

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Basavarajmin21 - CC BY-SA 4.0
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