Cementerio de los apestados

The Cemetery of the Plagued Ones or the Children's Cemetery is a cemetery that emerged at the beginning of the 20th century located next to the G-25 Antofagasta-Calama route, in the commune of Sierra Gorda, Chile. It is located 20 km west of the town of Sierra Gorda (Chile), 5 km east of the extinct town of Pampa Unión and adjacent to the former María saltpeter office.

This cemetery arose from the need to bury away from the settlements those who died from epidemics that devastated the region in the years 1903 to 1920, mainly the bubonic plague transmitted by vector fleas and yellow fever. The most affected age group was the child population of the nitrate offices. The Cemetery of the Plagued is one of the many abandoned cemeteries in the Pampa del Salitre; but it has the singularity that most of its population is made up of infants and it is unique in Chile.

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