Abella de la Conca (Catalan: [əˈβɛʎə ðə ˈkoŋkə], locally [aˈβɛʎa ðe la ˈkoŋka]), or simply Abella, is a town and municipality in Pallars Jussà county, in Catalonia. In 2022, it had a population of 167.

It is situated on the eastern bank of the Tremp Basin. It comprises the high valleys of the Abella River tributary of the Conques river on its right bank and of the Rams River. The valley of the latter is sandwiched between the Boumort and Carreu mountains. In addition to the Tremp Basin, it comprises a section of the Puials River valley. A portion of the village houses are semi-excavated in the rock.

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