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Holamon.cat is an alternative world travel guide. A place to discover and share points of interest and areas to travel.


Unlike traditional guides, where most of them are written with the lived experience, Holamon.cat is an alternative because it is a reverse guide, where points of interest that you want to visit are being shared, to end up creating a map. with points of interest to discover.

How does it start?

With a van and the typical list on paper or in excel format, pointing out that you want to visit. When you start to see that the chances are much higher, the excel stays small, and a web page ends up popping up. 𐎣𐎫𐎱𐎬𐎢𐎣 and confinement helps to give it a bigger shape, to this day.


Anonym (ikke efterprøvet)

lør, 02/05/2022 - 17:11

Molt interessant el projecte. Em. va ajudar per muntar el viatge al País Basc, on hi ha llocs que no he trobat per internet.

Anonym (ikke efterprøvet)

søn, 09/11/2022 - 23:12

Excelente página! Pero que pasa con las fotos? Ya no colocan tantas y eso era, un atractivo principal de la página. Esperamos la pongan como estaba antes. Gracias!

Gracias! :)

Estamos reajustando la sección de fotos para adaptarnos a temas de licencia en las que nos vienen dadas desde galerias externas. Tambien estamos buscando fuentes alternativas para augmentar y mejorar la sección de imagenes.

Un saludo.

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