Castro de Santa Tecla

( Castro of Santa Trega )

Castro de Santa Trega is a Galician fort and archaeological site located on the hillsides of Mount Santa Trega. At 341 meters (1118 feet) above sea level, the fort can be found in the southwestern Galician municipality of A Guarda (Pontevedra). The site is strategically located overlooking the mouth of the river Miño. Belonging to the Castro culture, it is the most emblematic and visited Galician fort. In 1931, it was declared a National Historical and Artistic Monument (‘Monumento Histórico Artístico Nacional’) and was also considered a Place of Cultural Interest (‘Bien de Interés Cultural’: BIC). Shortly after the beginning of the romanization of Galicia in 100 BC, the site began its occupation which lasted until 100 AD.

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