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Ethiopie (/[unsupported input]ˌθiˈpiə/) (Ge'ez: ኢትዮጵያ ʾĪtyōṗṗyā) is a landlocked kintra locatit in the Horn o Africae, an offeecially kent as the Federal Democratic Republic o Ethiopie. It is the seicont-maist populous naition in Africae, wi ower 85.2 million fowk, an the tent-lairgest bi aurie, wi its 1,100,000 km2. The caipital is Addis Ababa. Ethiopie is bordered bi Eritrea tae the north, Sudan tae the wast, Djibouti an Somalie tae the east, an Kenyae tae the sooth.

Ethiopie wis a monarchy for maist o its history, an the Ethiopian dynasty traces its roots tae the 2nt century BC. Ethiopie is an aa ane o the auldest sites o human existence kent tae scientists the day, haein yieldit some o humanity's auldest traces. It mey be the region frae which Homo sapiens first set oot for the Middle East an pynts ayont. When Africae wis dividit up bi European pouers at the Berlin Conference, Ethiopie wis ane o anerlie twa kintras that retained its unthirldom. It wis ane o anerlie fower African members o the League o Naitions. Efter a brief period o Italian occupation, Ethiopie became a chairter member o the Unitit Naitions. When ither African naitions received thair unthrildom follaein Warld War II, mony o them adoptit the colors o Ethiopie's Banner, an Addis Ababa became the location o several internaitional organisations focused on Africae.

Modren Ethiopie an its current mairches are a result o significant territorial reduction in the north an expansion in the sooth taewart its present mairches, awin tae several migrations an commercial integration as weel as conquests, parteecularly bi Emperor Menelik II an Ras Gobena. In 1974, the dynasty led bi Emperor Haile Selassie wis owerthrawn as ceevil wars intensified. Syne then, Ethiopie haes seen a variety o govrenmental seestems. Ethiopie is ane o the foondin members o the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), G-77 an the Organisation o African Unity (OAU). The day, Addis Ababa is still the heidquarter o the African Union, the Nile Basin Commission, the Pan African Chamber o Commerce (PACCI) an UNECA. The kintra haes ane o the maist pouerful militaries in Africae an Addis Ababa is the heidquarter o the continental African Standby Force (ASF). Ethiopie is ane o a few African kintras tae hae its awn alphabet. Ethiopie an aa haes its awn time seestem an unique calendar, seiven tae aight years ahint the Gregorian Calendar. It haes the lairgest nummer o UNESCO Warld Heritage Sites in Africae.

The kintra is a land o naitural contrasts, wi spectacular waterfalls an volcanic het springs. Ethiopie haes some o Africae's heichest muntains as well as some o the warld's lawest pynts belaw sea level. The lairgest cave in Africae is locatit in Ethiopie at Sof Omar, an the kintra's northernmost aurie at Dallol is ane o the hettest places year-roond onywhaur on Yird. Thare are aathgither aroond 80 different ethnic groups in Ethiopie the day, wi the twa lairgest bein the Oromo an the Amhara, baith o which speak Afro-Asiatic leids. The kintra is an aa famous for its Olympic gowd medallists, rock-hewn kirks an as the place whaur the coffee bean oreeginatit. Currently, Ethiopie is the tap coffee an honey-producin kintra in Africae, an hame tae the lairgest livestock population in Africae.

Ethiopie haes close historical ties tae aw three o the warld's major Abrahamic relegions. It wis ane o the first Christian kintras in the warld, haein offeecially adoptit Christianity as the state releegion in the 4t century. It still haes a Christian majority, but a third o the population is Muslim. Ethiopia is the site o the first hijra in Islamic history an the auldest Muslim dounset in Africae at Negash. Until the 1980s, a substantial population o Ethiopian Jews residit in Ethiopie. The kintra is an aa the spiritual hameland o the Rastafari releegious movement, that is influenced bi Pan-Africanism an haes globalized Ethiopian banner tricolors wi the spread o Reggae muisic alangside Hip hop cultur. Ethiopie, which haes Africae's seicont biggest hydropouer potential, is the soorce o ower 85% o the tot Nile watter flow an contains rich soils, but it nivertheless unnerwent a series o famines in the 1980s, exacerbatit bi adverse geopolitics an ceevil wars, resultin in the daith o hunders o thoosans. Slowly, housomivver, the kintra haes begun tae recover, an the day Ethiopia haes the biggest economy in East Africae (GDP) as the Ethiopian economy is an aa ane o the fastest growin in the warld an it is a regional pouerhoose in the Horn an east Africae.