Yazılıkaya, Eskişehir

Yazılı, Han

( Yazılıkaya, Eskişehir )

Yazılıkaya (lit. 'inscribed rock'), Phrygian Yazılıkaya, or Midas Kenti (Midas city) is a village in Eskişehir Province, Turkey, located about 27 km south of Seyitgazi, 66 km south of Eskişehir, and 51 km north of Afyonkarahisar, which is known for its Phrygian archaeological remains and inscription mentioning Midas.

The ancient remains consist of a settlement, sometimes Midas City and a number of rock-cut reliefs, of which the most famous is the Midas Monument, formerly identified as the tomb of Midas. There are two other rock-cut reliefs, known as the Unfinished monument and the Hyacinth monuments.

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