Thean Hou Temple

The Thean Hou Temple (Chinese: 乐圣岭天后宫/樂聖嶺天后宮) is a six-tiered temple of the Chinese sea goddess Mazu located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is located on 1.67 acres (6,758 m2) of land atop Robson Heights on Lorong Bellamy, overlooking Jalan Syed Putra. It was completed in 1987 and officially opened in 1989. The temple was built by Hainanese living in Malaysia and the property belongs to and is run by the Selangor and Federal Territory Hainan Association (Malay: Hainan Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan; Chinese: 雪隆海南会馆/雪隆海南會館). It is one of the largest temples in Southeast Asia.

The Thean Hou Temple was constructed from 1981 and completed in 1987 at a cost of approximately RM7 million.[1][2] The following are some of the Hainanese people that contributed to the success in the completion of the Thean Hou Temple :-Robert Chow ( Architect), Lim Meng Swee ( Structural Engineer ), Goh T.K ( M&E Engineer ), Loong Yoke Phin ( President ), Heng Fook Kum, Wing Hong How, Tan Koon Swan, Tan Loon Swan, Foo Siang Foh, Loong Yeh May and to all Hainanese that donated money by purchasing part of the building ie columns and beams.

The installation dates of the Goddesses and Bodhisattva as follows:

16 November 1985 — Tian Hou Niang Niang 19 October 1986 — Guan Yin (Bodhisattva) 16 November 1986 — Shui Wei Sheng Niang

The temple was officially opened on 3 September 1989.[2] Guan Yin was first given the appellation of "Goddess of Mercy" or the Mercy Goddess by Jesuit missionaries or The Society of Jesus in China. In Buddhist scriptures, Guan Yin is recognized as Avalokitesvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion.

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