Catedral de Teruel

( Teruel Cathedral )

Teruel Cathedral or Catedral de Santa María de Mediavilla de Teruel is a Roman Catholic church in Teruel, Aragon, Spain. Dedicated to St. Mary, it is a notable example of Mudéjar architecture. Together with other churches in the town and in the province of Zaragoza, it has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986.

 Tower of the Cathedral

The Cathedral of Teruel has its origins in the church of Santa María de Mediavilla, upon which work started in Romanesque style in 1171 and ended with the erection of the Mudéjar tower in 1257. In the second half of the 13th century, the Morisco alarife Juzaff restructured the old Romanesque work and endowed the building with three Mudéjar naves of masonry and brick.

The Romanesque apses were replaced in the same Gothic-Mudéjar style as early as the 14th century, as can be seen in the head of the major chapel. The number of supports was reduced by half, leading to greater luminosity and spaciousness in the pointed arch naves. Additionally, the walls were enlarged. In 1423, the Aragonese pontiff Antipope Benedict XIII, the so-called "Pope Luna," raised it to the rank of a collegiate church. The Mudéjar aspect has changed little since then.

In 1538, the lantern tower of the central nave was built by Martín de Montalbán in the Plateresque-Mudéjar style. It was built on an octagonal plan on squinches and has on its exterior ajimezate windows with Plateresque decorations. Later, in 1587, with the creation of the diocese of Teruel, the building was promoted to the status of Cathedral and consecrated as such. Finally, in 1909, the facade was constructed in Neo-mudéjar style based on a design of Pau Monguió.

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