Szent István-bazilika (Budapest)

( St. Stephen's Basilica )

St. Stephen's Basilica (Hungarian: Szent István-bazilika [sɛnt ˈiʃtvaːn ˈbɒzilikɒ]) is a Roman Catholic basilica in Budapest, Hungary. It is named in honour of Stephen, the first King of Hungary (c. 975–1038), whose right hand is housed in the reliquary.

Since the renaming of the primatial see, it has been the co-cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Esztergom-Budapest. Today, it is the third largest church building in present-day Hungary. It is the largest church in Budapest and a World Heritage Site.

The site was the location of the Hetz-Theater, noted for hosting animal fights. János Zitterbarth of the newly formed district built a temporary church there. In the late 1810s, about a thousand people formed the Lipótváros Parish and began fundraising and making plans for the future church. During a devastating flood in 1838 the high ground here provided a measure of safe refuge to the residents, who, in thanksgiving, subsequently donated toward the construction of the church.[1]

At first, the building was supposed to be named after Saint Leopold, the patron saint of Austria, but was later changed to honor Saint Stephen I of Hungary, the first King of Hungary (c. 975–1038), whose mummified right hand is housed in a reliquary. In 1931, Pope Pius XI awarded it the title of basilica minor; and served as the main venue for the 34th International Eucharistic Congress in May 1938.

Although the church suffered serious damage during World War II the cellar provided shelter for many refugees and a valuable collection of the Hungarian National Archives.[1]

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