Salt de Sallent

The Sallent jump is the waterfall with the highest vertical drop in Catalonia, with a free fall of around 115m (R1-5m+R2-30m+R3-30m+R4- 50m), apart from the fact that in the rainy season it causes a great impression, no longer because of its height, but because of the great flow of water that falls into the gorge created at its base by the erosion of the water on the stone for thousands of years.

It is located in the Riera de Rupit within the municipality of Rupit, a town located in the county of Osona, in the north of the province of Barcelona. The Riera de Rupit is a tributary of the River Ter on its left side, which originates from a set of springs and torrents originating in the high areas of the Collsacabra mountain range.

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