Pa amb tomàquet

Pa amb tomàquet

Pa amb tomàquet (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈpam tuˈmakət]) ("Bread with tomato"), is a traditional food of Catalan, Valencian, Aragonese, Balearic and Murcian cuisines in Spain. Pa amb tomàquet is considered a staple of Catalan cuisine and identity. While considered a signature toast dish in the Catalan Countries, it is common in bars throughout the rest of Spain, where it is also known as pan con tomate.

It consists of bread, which may or may not be toasted, with tomato rubbed over and seasoned with olive oil and salt.

It is considered one of the typical examples that define the Mediterranean diet, extended as a traditional recipe throughout the Catalan Countries.

It is popularly consumed on its own as a snack or a tapa with any meal, from breakfast to dinner.

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