Löwenburg (Kassel)

The Löwenburg,[1] u200b[2]u200b is a German pleasure palace built in 1793-1801 in the Kasseler Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe.

The castle, built as an artificial ruin, stands above Wilhelmshöhe Castle in the southern part of the mountain park and thus south of the visual axis of Wilhelmshöhe-Hercules Castle, at about 350 m above sea level, on the eastern edge of the Hohen Habichtswald. The Löwenburg served its builder Wilhelm I of Hesse-Kassel. of Hesse-Kassel as a private retreat and in 1821 also as his grave. In terms of art history, the building is considered groundbreaking as it is one of the first major buildings of Gothic Revival architecture in Germany.

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