Le-myet-hna Temple

လေးမျက်နှာ ပုထိုးတော်ကြီး

( Le-myet-hna Temple )

Le-myet-hna (Burmese: လေးမျက်နှာဘုရား le:myak-hna bhu.ra:, Burmese pronunciation: [lé mjeʔn̥à pʰəjá] Leìmyeʔhna hpăyà; lit.'four-sided temple') is a Buddhist temple in Mrauk U located at the northwest corner of the Shite-thaung Temple. It has four entrances, one to each cardinal point and eight seated Buddhas round a central column. It was built by King Min Saw Mon in 1430 AD. Temple was entirely constructed with black sand stones.

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