Kanlıca is a neighbourhood in the municipality and district of Beykoz, Istanbul Province, Turkey. Its population is 3,943 (2022). It is on the Asian side of the Bosphorus strait. It is known for a yogurt sprinkled with caster sugar, which is sold in local cafés, including the İsmailağa Kahvesi which has a small museum commemorating famous visitors of the past.

During the Ottoman era, Kanlıca was an upscale neighbourhood, where wealthy people constructed elegant waterfront mansions (Turkish: Yalı). It is still home to many historic wooden waterfront mansions.[1]

According to Ottoman estimations, in 1882 Kanlica had a population of 9,891, consisting of 6,095 Muslims, 3,043 Greeks, 708 Armenians, 41 Catholics and 4 Latins.[2]

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