Измайлово (район Москвы)

( Izmaylovo District )

Izmaylovo District (Russian: райо́н Изма́йлово) is a district in the Eastern Administrative Okrug of the federal city of Moscow, Russia. Population: 102,837 (2010 Census); 110,099 (2002 Census).

 Izmaylovo, painted by K. Bodri, mid-19th century

The history of the village of Izmaylovo goes back to 1389. Since the days of Ivan the Terrible it was an estate of boyars in the Romanov family. In 1654, it was inherited by Alexis of Russia, who built a château on an artificial island around 1664—1690. At about the same time, in 1671—1679, a medieval church was rebuilt into Church of Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos. The château was later expanded by architects Konstantin Thon and Mikhail Bykovsky into Izmaylovo Estate. It survived the fire of 1812, and is now an outdoor tourist destination.

Peter the Great grew up in Izmaylovo and had been known for sailing a small boat which he discovered in the storage of his great grandfather Nikita Romanov. This boat is now in Central Naval Museum in St. Petersburg, and is credited as the "grandfather of the Russian Navy".

 A building designed especially for weddings in Old Russian stone house architectural style in Izmailovo Kremlin Church of Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos

According to the Russian population audit of 1800, the population of Izmaylovo was 121 homesteads comprising 753 people. The village continued to grow slowly until the October Revolution, when the buildings were confiscated and given to laborers. In 1924, a part of Izmaylovo became known as Bauman township, named after the Russian revolutionary Nikolay Bauman. Other objects named after him are the Baumanskaya metro station and Bauman University, both are located outside of Izmaylovo.

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