Hòa Bình

( Hòa Bình province )

Hòa Bình or Hoà Bình (Vietnamese: [hwaː˨˩ ʔɓïŋ˨˩] ) is a mountainous province of Vietnam, located in the nation's Northwest region. It borders Phú Thọ province and Sơn La province to the northwest, Hanoi to the northeast, Hà Nam province to the east, Ninh Bình province to the southeast and Thanh Hóa province to the south. The province covers an area of 4590.57 square kilometres and as of 2019 it had a population of 854,131 people. In 2020, the GDP per capita of the province was estimated to be $2625 (equivalent to 60.5 million Vietnamese đồng).

 Map of Hoa Binh province in 1909

Hòa Bình province was created on June 22, 1886, following the decree of Tonkin with the name "Mường Province", splitting Mường majority areas from Hưng Hóa province, Sơn Tây province, Hanoi and Ninh Bình province. Its name derives from the Sino-Vietnamese 和平, meaning "peace."

The province was administered from Chợ Bờ (in Đà Bắc District), hence it was also known as "Chợ Bờ Province", until in November of the same year, it was relocated to Phương Lâm District (today in Bất Bạt District, Hà Tây province). In April 1888 it was renamed "Phương Lâm province" by the French colonial authorities.

On March 18, 1891, the Governor-General of French Indochina decreed that the name of the province would change to Hòa Bình province with six districts: Lương Sơn, Kỳ Sơn, Lạc Sơn, Lạc Thủy, Mai Châu and Đà Bắc.

On October 15, 1957, Tân Lạc District was formed from a portion of Lạc Sơn District.

On April 17, 1959, Kim Bôi District was formed from a portion of Lương Sơn District.

On August 17, 1964, Yên Thủy District was formed from a portion of Lạc Thủy District.

On December 12, 2001, Cao Phong District was formed from a portion of Kỳ Sơn District.

On December 17, 2019, Kỳ Sơn District was annexed by the city of Hòa Bình.

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