The Elephant Tower (Danish: Elefanttårnet) (also known as the Elephant Gate (Danish: Elefantporten)) is the most famous landmark of the Carlsberg district in Copenhagen, Denmark, the original brewery site of the Carlsberg Breweries (the area is now under redevelopment as a new neighbourhood). The tower takes its name from four large granite elephants which flank the gate, standing back to back carrying the tower on their backs.

The Elephant Tower photographed by Frederik Riise

Completed in 1901, the Elephant Tower was built at the same time as the Ny Carlsberg Brewhouse. The architect was Vilhelm Dahlerup, who also worked on the previous stages but not the new brewhouse which was designed by Vilhelm Klein. Together with the original Ny Carlsberg building and the Dipylon, the tower formed the main Ny Carlsberg complex, centred around a courtyard. The space above the tower originally served as a water tower and herb silo.

The new Elephant Tower marked the entrance to the brewery from the Valby side, complementing the Dipylon which served as the entrance from the city.

Photographies by:
Troels Dejgaard Hansen from Copenhagen, Denmark - CC BY-SA 2.0
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