Biserica de lemn Sf. Arhangheli din Rogoz

( Church of the Holy Archangels, Rogoz )

The Church of the Holy Archangels (Romanian: Biserica de lemn Sf. Arhangheli) is one of eight Wooden Churches of Maramureș in Romania listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in December 1999. The structure is in the village of Rogoz in the Lăpuș River valley, within the mountainous area of northern Transylvania.

The church was built in 1633, which is indirectly confirmed by the inscription at the entrance informing visitors about the Tatar raid in 1661. The church survived the last Tatar invasion of 1717 which is referred to on a mural writing which mentions the terrifying year 1717 of the time of the Tatars. In 1883 it was moved from Suciu de Sus to the centre of the village of Rogoz on the site of St. Paraskeva, an existing church built in 1701. In 1834 the size of the nave windows was increased. In 1960–1961 a major renovation of the structure was undertaken and the floors were renewed.[1][2]

^ UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites. Retrieved 21 February 2014 ^ (in Romanian) Florin Pop, Vasile Latiș, "Biserica 'Sf. Arhangheli' (Rogoz) - UNESCO" Archived 2013-07-05 at, at the Maramureș County Cultural Office site. Retrieved 22 February 2014
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